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Since I can remember, I have always wanted to do makeup & hair.  It truly started from such a young age, I was so fascinated by how we can transform a person. Whether it was Peter Seller's silly disguises in the Pink Panther movies, or the supermodels on each months magazine covers. I was inspired over and over to do makeup and hair.  Around 8 years old, I was cutting my sisters doll's hair, or forcing a cousin to sit in a chair while I tried my latest makeup revelation.  Around 13 I moved from the dolls hair, to the family pet which soon was followed by my father, mother and aunt.  In junior high, I would sit on the back of the bus seat on the way to marching band competitions, braiding away and making up faces.  My mom sealed the deal though, when I turned 15 and she brought thousands of dollars of Mary Kay into our house.  Which I would shop through, taking what I needed for practice.  I would comb through book after book reading about the latest techniques.  Till finally setting off to cosmetology school which soon was followed by makeup school.  32 years later, I am so happy to be doing what I have always loved and had such passion for, I am truly living my dream and hope that this comes across in my work.

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